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Winter Championship

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Image credit: Kevin Markham


The Second Round of the Russell Stirling Joinery sponsored Winter Championship was played at Galgorm Castle Golf Club. Playing conditions were anything but ideal with the early starters having to cope with heavy intermittent showers

Front 9 – Division 1

Through The Niuc Wilson McVeigh playing off a handicap of two held a slender one point advantage over Sean McCann (Scr). Chris Cooke (5) and Adrian Atkinson (5) were another point behind with Gary Wilkins (4) a further point down. Down Broadmeadows and approaching The Treasury McVeigh with a par and a bogey was joined in the lead by Wilkins with a par and a birdie. One, two and three points further back came Atkinson (bogey, par), Cooke (two bogeys) and McCann ('ding', par) respectively. Wilkins followed up with two pars and a bogey over the closing three holes to win by one point. There was a very close finish for the placings between Atkinson (par, birdie, 'ding'), Cooke (three pars), McCann (birdie, par, birdie) and McVeigh (bogey and two pars) coming in together. Second place went to MaCann with a better last three and third place was taken by Cooke with a better last three. 


Front 9 – Division 2

There was also a very close finish to this division. Approaching Walkers HomeJohn Caulfield (10) was leading but being hard pressed by |Craig Dean (7) and John Fitzgerald (8) a point behind. Gerard Lynn (9) was a further three points behindAfter two bogeys and a double bogey Caulfield was still leading by a point through The Treasury from Fitzgerald (three bogeys). Dean (double bogey and two bogeys) and an improving Lynn (bogey, double bogey, birdie) were another point behind. In a very close finish Caulfield (par, double bogey), Fitzgerald (bogey, par), Dean (two pars) and Lynn (two pars) finished together. First place went to Lynn with a better last six and with a better last six second place was taken by Dean. Fitzgerald finished in third place with a better last six.

The Gross Winner was Kaeden Andersen (1) with 18 gr/pts (BL6) 


Back 9 – Division 1

Through The Maple Rod Lennox (4), James Mairs (6) and Adrian McCart (4) were vying for the lead. Lennox birdied fourteen to take a one point lead over Mairs and McCart which he held over Beechers. Mairs parred the Grove to draw level with Lennox. McCart (bogey) was a point behind. There was another close finish over the closing two holes. Lennox (par, bogey) and Mairs (bogey, par) finished together and with a bette3r last six first place was taken by Rod Lennox. McCart (bogey, par) finished a point behind the placings.


Back 9 – Division 2

Denis McCarroll (13) opened briskly with three pars to lead by three points from Jonathan Larmour (10) (double bogey, par, bogey). Dembinski (8) (par, 'ding', bogey) was another three points behind. Over Beechers after recording a double bogey, par, bogey) McCarroll wasstill leading by three points from Larmour (two bogeys and a par) with an improving Dembinski (three pars) another point behind. Another three bogeys saw McCarroll finish to win by three points from Larmour (bogey and two pars). Dembinski completed his round with a bogey and two pars to finish another point behind the placings.

Brian McFall jnr (1) won the Gross with 16 gr/pts (BL6).

Twos were recorded by - A.Lane, K.Andersen, G.McWilliams, J.Taylor, T.Carroll, S.McCann, J.Sutherland, R.Wiggins, G.Lynn, D.Gillan, M.Adams, Rod Lennox and L.Foster.