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Victory for McCart

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Image credit: Kevin Markham


The McCarroll/McConnell v Par sponsored competition held at Galgorm Castle Golf Club was won by ten handicapper Adrian McCart. McCart, who was leading at half way was proving hard to catch. He was five up and birdied twelve to go six up. However a bogey at The Maple saw him return to five up. Meanwhile Seamus Laverty (17) parred eleven, twelve and thirteen to go four up. He joined McCart with another par at Beechers. McCart regained his advantage when he parred the Grove to a bogey from Laverty. A late challenge came from Patrick McAleese ((23) who was two up but pars at Beechers and Longlands moved him to four up. In a nail biting finish McCart parred eighteen to finish six up to Win Overall. Laverty's challenge failed when he 'dinged' the last and fell back to four up and finished level with McAleese who bogeyed the last. McAleese with his late run and a better back nine came home the Overall Runner-up.

In Division 1 at the turn James Taylor (8) was leading three up followed by Paul Banks (6) two up, Cameron Lappin (5) and Paul Campbell (6) one up. Ryan Addley (5) and Jamie Surgeoner (3) were level par. Through The Maple Taylor and Banks were vying for the lead four up with Addley and Lappin two up. Campbell was one up with Surgeoner at level par. Up the Grove Taylor was three up, leading by one from Lappin. Banks was one up with Addley, Surgeoner and Campbell all at level par. In a close finish Taylor came in bogey, par (three up) and was joined by Lappin (two pars) and with a better back nine Lappin took first place with Taylor second. Third place went to Banks (bogey, birdie) who finished two up. Addley, Campbell and Surgeoner were just behind the placings.

Chris Lawton (0) won the Gross. 

At halfway in Division 2 Gerard O'Hagan (10) and David Gault (10) were leading by one from Rory Sempey (10) with Paul Steenson (13) another one behind at one over par. Approaching Beechers O'Hagan was leading (three up) followed by Rory Sempey (one up) and David Gault (one up). Steenson was one over par at this stage. In another close finish Sempey came home par, birdie, par, par to join O'Hagan (double bogey, par, bogey, par) at three up. First place was won by Sempey with a better back nine. There was also a close finish for third place. Gault finished with two pars, a triple bogey and a par along with Steenson (birdie, bogey and two pars) at one up with third place going to Steenson with a better back nine.

In Division 3 after the front nine Seamus Laverty (17) and Neil McVeigh (16) were two up with John McClintock (18) one up and Daniel Pellow level par. Laverty parred eleven, twelve, thirteen and fifteen to go clear five up after Beechers. McVeigh and McClintock were two up and Pellow one up. Laverty continued to lead over the closing three holes and came in to win four up after two bogeys and a 'ding' at eighteen. Pellow (two bogeys and a par), McVeigh (bogey, par, double bogey) and McClintock (two bogeys and a birdie) finished together on two up and with a better back nine second place went to Pellow and third place to McVeigh with a better back six.

At the start of the inward half in Division 4 Martin Abernethy (40) was leading one up from William Moore (20) level par. Andrew McKillop (20), Damien Agnew (20) and Michael Burton (20) came next on one over par followed by Tony Dodds (23) two over. Approaching the Grove there was little change in the front runners. Agnew had improved and joined Abernethy at two up in the lead with McKillop and Moore close up. (one up). Dodds and Burton were still in contention at level par. In another very close finish McKillop edged ahead to win with two pars and a triple bogey (two up) from Abernethy (one up) and Moore (one up) With a better back nine Agnew finished second with Abernethy third with a better back two)

James Walker (23) won the Seniors.

Results – Overall Winner – Adrian McCart (10) 6 up – Overall Runner-up – Patrick McAleese (23) 4 up (BB9) – Division 1 – 1st. Cameron Lappin (5) 3 up (BB9) – 2nd. James Taylor (8) 3 up – 3rd. Paul Banks (6) 2 up – Division 2 – 1st. Rory Sempey (10) 3 up (BB9) – 2nd. Gerard O'Hagan (10) 3 up – 3rd. Paul Steenson (13) 1 up (BB9) – Division 3 

1st. Seamus Laverty (17) 4 up – 2nd. Daniel Pellow (17) 2 up (BB9) - 3rd. Neil McVeigh (16) 2 up (BB6) – Division 4 – 1st. Andrew McKillop (20) 2 up – 2nd. Damien Agnew (20) 1 up (BB9) – 3rd. Martin Abernethy (40) 1 up (BB2) – Gross – Chris Lawton (0) Level par – Seniors – James Walker (23) 1 up (BB9).