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Mr Austin McGillian's President's Day 2021

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Image credit: Kevin Markham

At halfway Gary Henry playing off six was leading by two points from Martin Abernethy (39). James Logan (16) and Conor Gillan (9) were another one and two points respectively further behind. Trevor Fleming (8) and JJ McAnally (1) were another point down followed by James Taylor (8) two more points down. Through The Maple Henry was still leading by two points from new challenger Logan with Abernethy falling back after 'dings' at ten and eleven. A further three points back came Gillan, Fleming and Abernethy. McAnally was another point down followed by Taylor two more points back. Over Beechers Henry, after a bogey and a birdie, was still two points clear of Logan (par, double bogey). Abernethy was another three points back followed close up by Fleming and McAnally a point behind. Gillan failed to score at Beechers and was another point down with Taylor two more points in arrears. Henry hit bogey trouble over the closing holes to finish with three bogeys and was overtaken by Logan (bogey, birdie, bogey) who Won Overall and Abernethy (bogey, par, bogey) who finished Overall Runner-up a point behind. Henry who came in another point behind won Division 1 by two points from Gillan who finished with two pars and a birdie. Fleming (par, bogey, par) was another point behind in third place with Taylor (par, birdie, par) and McAnally (birdie, bogey, par) a further point behind the placings.

Jamie Sutherland (-2) won the Gross.

There was a close contest throughout in Division 2 as only two points separated the first five players during the round. At the turn Caolan McCambridge (11) held a one point lead but was being hard pressed by Patrick Coleman (10) and Simon Finlay (11) with Gary Hood (11) and Aaron Steele (13) another point behind. Approaching the fourteenth tee McCambridge, Coleman and Finlay were vying for the lead a point ahead of Steele with Hood another point behind. Through The Maple McCambridge (bogey, par, bogey) and Finlay (bogey, par, bogey) were leading but being closely followed by Coleman (two bogeys and a par), Hood (two pars and a bogey) and Steele (bogey, double bogey, birdie) a point behind. What a finish lay ahead! McCambridge with two pars edged ahead to win by one point from Coleman (two pars). There was a threeway tie for third place between Finlay (two bogeys), Steele (bogey, par) and Hood (par, bogey) another point behind. Hood with a better back six took third place.

In Division 3 after the front nine James McClintock (14) and Damian Heaney (16) were leading by a point from Aidan McCafferty (14) and Nicholas Kernohan (15) with David Millar (16) a further two points back. At the fourteenth tee Kernohan had improved to lead by a point from McCafferty who was a further point ahead of McClintock and Heaney ('ding' at twelve). Millar was a further two points behind. A new leader emerged up the Grove when McClintock with a run of bogey and two pars held a two point advantage over Heaney (bogey, par, double bogey) and Kernohan (double bogey, bogey, double bogey). McCafferty ('ding' at fourteen, double bogey, par) was another point behind with Millar (three bogeys) a further point down. James McClintock finished par, bogey to win by two points from Heaney (double bogey, par). In a close finish for third place Kernohan ('ding', par), McCafferty (bogey, par) and Millar (bogey, par) finished together and with a better back nine third place went to Millar.

At The Fort in Division 4 Andrew Robinson was leading by two points from Samuel Graham (27). Jacob Gray (21) was a further four points behind with Damien Agnew (20) and Raymond Lynn (29) another two points down. After the thirteenth Robinson's lead was reduced to one point by Graham. Gray was another point behind followed by Agnew and Lynn a further two and four points respectively back. Approaching Longlands Graham after two bogeys and a double bogey had taken a three point lead over Gray (bogey and two double bogeys) and Robinson ('ding', bogey, 'ding'). Two more points back came Agnew3 (thre3e bogeys) and Lynn (par, bogey, triple bogey) was a further point down. Graham continued to lead and came in double bogey, bogey to win by three points from Robinson (two bogeys) and Agnew with a late run of two pars. Second place went to Agnew with a better back nine. A point behind the placings came Lynn (bogey, par) and Gray (bogey, double bogey).

Andrew Young (24) won the Seniors.

Results – Overall Winner – James Logan (16) 44 pts – Overall Runner-up – Martin Abernethy (39) 43 pts – Division 1 – 1st. Gary Henry (6) 42 pts – 2nd. Conor Gillan (9) 40 pts – 3rd. Trevor Fleming (8) 39 pts – Division 2 – 1st. Caolan McCambridge (11) 38 pts – 2nd. Patrick Coleman (10) 37 pts – 3rd. Gary Hood (11) 36 pts (BB9) – Division 3 – 1st. James McClintock (14) 39 pts – 2nd. Damian Heaney (16) 37 pts – 3rd. David Millar (16) 36 pts (BB9) – Division 4 – 1st. Samuel Graham (27) 41 pts – 2nd. Damien Agnew (20) 38 pts (BB9) – 3rd. Andrew Robinson (20) 38 pts – Gross – Jamie Sutherlaqnd (-2) 39 gr/pts - Seniors – Andrew Young (24) 39 pts (BB9) – Longest Drive – Matthew Harkness – Nearest the Pin – Harry Cook.