Meeting your Needs

Courtyard Business Park

We work in close collaboration with tenants, offering a broad range of options in our well-designed scheme. We tailor flexible office units to meet varied business requirements and fluctuating market conditions. Capacity can accommodate small or large enterprises, from farm shops to commercial offices. We have drawn upon the intrinsic qualities and beauty of the Galgorm Castle estate to create mutually beneficial business, retail, leisure and tourist amenities with local support and a global appeal. The Courtyard Business Park is designed and landscaped against the spectacular backdrop of the castle to provide impressive, yet comfortable, working spaces. All units, supplied with ample parking and disabled access, imbue a sense of friendliness and warm welcome to clients and provide all the conditions necessary for progressive and dynamic businesses to flourish and maximise their efficiency and potential.


We believe the judicious combination of environment, location and community is essential to the success of any business. At the Courtyard Business Park we set out to meet the needs of all our tenants by offering competitively priced and versatile working space in the unique and exquisite, yet state-of-the-art, surroundings of a gracious historic Castle with a contemporary mandate.



Looking for new premises for your business? Look no further than the Courtyard Business Park at Galgorm Castle where a range of options are available to suit your specific business needs.

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