Galgorm Castle Fairy Trail

The Brilliant Trails team were already based in Galgorm Castle and they had an idea to create something magical using the scenic grounds of the castles that already surrounded us.

The aim was to encourage families & friends to enjoy a day in the outdoors! By giving you an experience that Is not only about spending quality time with loved ones but also beneficial in giving our immune systems a boost, with a healthy dose of vitamin D and fresh air!

We understand that we are now in an era of digital technology and it’s easy to spend leisurely time just sitting in the one spot for hours on end with a gadget in hand. Therefore reintroducing an experience that required nothing more than yourself and your imagination was a priority for us.

As well as breathing life into a local location, bringing more tourism into Galgorm and Ballymena. We are passionate about our fairy trail, each and every detail was specially handcrafted and selected to bring an authentic and charming experience.

The Fairy Trail is an interactive trail that promotes problem solving, social development & stimulation with nature. By using the activity booklet we have designed to enhance your experience along the trail, by completing questions and clues as you go.

Castle History

Explore the rich history of Galgorm Castle.

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Galgorm Castle Golf Club & Estate